Heavy-Duty Bolt Cutter for Elevator Cup Removal

Traditional Bolt Removal Problems:

Traditional bolt cutters are like scissors and slide on the bolt

Traditional bolt cutters  don't fit inside elevator buckets

Traditional bolt cutters require a large clear space on the side of the bolt to position correctly.

Traditional bolt cutters don't have enough force to cut the bolt.

Dust from grinding the bolt head can create an explosion hazard

Our Solution:

The Gearn NutCutter grabs and snips the bolt head without slipping

Ours head is curved to fit over the front of the elevator bucket

Our NutCutter's access the bolt from the front - head on - eliminating large clearance areas.


Our 42" handles give plenty of leverage and reach to get into the tightest of spaces.

No dust, no explosion hazard!


Can Also Be Used For:

  • Industrial Applications
  • Agricultural Settings
  • Equipment Salvage and Repair


Made for Buckets

The curve on the underside of the bolt cutter easily fits around buckets  from 6"-18" to cut to those hard to reach bolts.

Snipping, Not Slicing

Our teeth grab and snip the bolt head, instead of using a scissor motion.  Bolts can be accessed directly from the front.

It is Fast and Easy

One snip and you are done.  There is no dust to clean up.  No other tools needed to finish the job.


Year Established


Cuts up to 5/16" Bolts


Long for Maximum Leverage


Heavy-Duty for a Long Life


Gearn Nutcutter

  • 42" long

  • Industrial Grade

  • Replaceable Heat-Treated Alloy Teeth

Extra Teeth

We sell extra teeth to extend the life of your Gearn NutCutter.  All of our teeth are heat-treated to give you the best cutting edge advantage.



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Gearn NutCutter is a product of Gearn Offshore, Inc.  American made, owned, and operated by the Gearn family since 1978.  Originally located in the panhandle of Texas where grain elevators covered the landscape, the Gearn's saw a need in the local community and solved it.  With four generations of engineers in the family, we excel at looking at problems and finding simple and unique solutions for everyday practicality.




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